About Us
  Dr.K. Mukherjee
D.M.S.DO.MMT EDT ( Kolkatta ). Ex-Mo-CNWO.
Homepathic Physician
Over two decades of experience as consulting homeopath in kolkatta and Hyderabad
Experience in treatment of minor problems like fever, cold and hariloss to chronice problems like Arthitis, Cancer and sodias
Special areas of expertise in Employee occupation hazards in software/sales/office jobs like Spondilitis, Backache, Allergies, Migrane, Eye and Hairloss.
Treatment through Liquid/Powder/Pills with self composed formulations .
Contributing over fifty newspaper articles in Times Of India, Deccan Chronicle and other vernacular languages like Urdu and Telugu.
Only Indian online consultant for Homeopathy USA. in Washington, USA.
Panel doctor for TV9/ETV health programs on Cancer, Prostrate, Migrane (Watch extracts of Tv 9 interview in the homepage.
Consulting Homepath for Indian Airlines for past ten years.
Recepiant of "Best homepathic doctor for 2005 from B.VijayRatna Awards".