The Fluid portion of human blood is made up of a chemical substance, similar in composition to the white albumen of eggs, when the kidneys are infected, ths vital protion of blood passes out with the urine and is lost from the body. This condition is called albuminuria.
In our body, the kidney such a perfect filter that it allows only the water and salts of the blood to escape and holds back the albumen.
Eating too-much of meat, drinking alcohol freely, chronic lead-poisoning, rheumatism, scarlet fever, influenza, frequent exposure to damp and cold weather are the usual causes of albuminuria.


Fever, thirst, nausea, frequent but often ineffectual urges to urinate, swelling of face, feet and hands, anaemia, secondary dilatation and hypertrophy of heart and coma are some of the prominent symptoms.

Diet and other measures
Patients suffering from this disease should be kept in warm and dry places
The diet should consist of barley water, fruit juices, milk, whey, sherbets and aerated water. The person should avoid meat, spices and wine. Salt should also be omitted from the diet.


Cantharis, Apis, Arsenic and Ferrum Met are some of the common medicines used to treat this disease. However, Ferrum Phos, Plumbum, Chelidonium, Acid phos and Sulphur can also be tried to cure this disease.