Do you often observe white or red blotches on your skin. Especially after you have eaten something? If these spots also cause pain and burning, it could be urticaria, a skin eruption. Different persons develop hives or urticaria after taking different kinds of food. Like one may develop it after taking fish or others may develop it when they eat brinjal, egg etc. Other possible causes for urticaria are:
Cold, trauma, stings etc.
Penicillin, aspirin, etc.
Infections caused due to ascaris, giardia, lice, fleas etc. Phychogenic causes can also create hives.
Lotions made from mixing half portion of rectified spirit and water can be applied on the affected part for relief. Here are some of the popular Homeopathic remedies.
Apis Mel: Thsi is for people whose urticaria gets worse due to the warmth in bed. They suffer from itching and feel a burning sensation. These patients notice swelling around the red blotches and also feel the urge to itch these blotches.
URTICA URENS: This medicine is used when there is severe burning and swelling after taking crabs.
DUCLAMARA: This medicine can be used when urticaria is caused due to a change of weather, especially when the weather turns cold and damp. This pill is also useful when the patient experiences violent itching, especially when he/she is naked.
NATRUM MUR: This medicine is used for obstinate cases that occur due to excessive consumption of salt.
SEPIA: This medicine is used when urticaria develops after taking milk.
PULSATILLA: This medicine works wonders when the hives are caused by gastric disturbances, particularly after taking rich, fatty food and meat. This is also for patients who feel better when exposed to open air.
RADIUM: This medicine proves beneficial when itching is caused all over the body at night.
RHUS TOX: This is when urticaria is accompanied by burning and itching after the patient moves from a warm room to an open place or when he/she removes clothes (when skin gets exposed to air).
ASTACUS FL: This medicine can be used when urticaria is of chronic form, with rashes on the whole body accompanied by severe itching.
Other useful medicines for the treatment of this disease are: Elaterium, Psorinum, NuxVomica, Rumex, Absinthium, Dolichus, Radium Brom etc.