Common Cold
Common cold or Acute Coryza is a very common disease and is usually caused by sudden weather changes. It is also caused by foreign bodies entering the nose.

There are several symptoms of common cold: The nose runs, the eyes water and the person feels feverish. There can also be a slight headache. A person having cold feels dryness in the throat and there is constant desire to spit or swallow. The voice becomes hoarse and there is also slight rise in body temperature. There can also be bodyache at times. In common cold sometimes, both the nostrils become congested and the person has to breathe through the mouth. Sometimes only one nostril may be open. There can also be loss of appetite due to exposure to common cold.

General Management:

Common cold can be prevented by avoiding exposure to cold weather and also by keeping oneself warm by wearing warm cloths.

Medicinal Management and Homeopathic treatment:

Camphor is administered to drive away chilliness, feverishness, sneezing, watering of eyes, headache, intense thirst and thin discharge from the nose. Aconite can be used in sudden exposure to dry cold, chilly feeling, sneezing, headache and watering of eyes. Profuse discharge from nose and eyes can be cured by Allium Cepa. Merc Sol can be taken for sore throat, sneezing, feverish feeling with sweat. Bryonia is taken in acute cold with dryness of nose, parched dry lips and acute thirst. Euphrasia is used to cure watering and burning of eyes. Sambucus is used for treating blockage of nose. Rhustox works wonders in sudden change of weather. Acrid discharges from nose can be treated with Arum Triphylum. Cold, redness of face, and throat pain can be cured with Belladona. Hephar Sulph is a trusted medicine for treating watery discharge from nose in the beginning which finally become a thick yellow phlegm giving rise to pain in the throat. Natrum mur can be taken to cure watery discharge from nose, acute thirst, constipated stools and aggravation of these symptoms during the day. Kali Bichrom is used for thick, stringy mucous discharge from nostril, sense of constriction at the root of the nose, ulcer of nostrils and fetid smell in breath. Pulsitilla is a trusted medicine for repeated attacks of acute cold where there is discharge of thick yellow or green mucous and sometimes fetid with loss of sense of taste and smell.