It is a type of itching dermatosis caused by antigen antibody reaction manifesting itself on the skin, sometimes it is also associated with intra and inter cellular oedema


Contact with various agents may give rise to eczema. These are either primary irritants eg: acid, alkalies, etc., or may be secondary allergens eg: penicillin, lipstick, nail varnish, hair dyes, plants or flowers.

Impetigo or ringworm may be complicated by eczematous changes.


Adult eczema: During the acute stage there is erythema which is soon followed by vesicles which are internse and itchng. The exudates dry up and crusts are formed. Secondary infection may develop from time to time. Fresh exacerbatioons may occur when oozing takes place from these patches. this is the subaute stage. Gradually the skin thickens and gets pigmend. This is called the chronic stage, Contact eczema it is very common and the causes have been mentioned above.

Napkin rash: This occurs on the napkin area of infants and the irritants could be urine and faeces.

Infantile eczema: This occurs in infants who have allergy to foreign proteins and are sufferers of asthma. They may have eczematous patches on the flexor aspect of the limits.


Hygienic conditions, rest and a balanced diet are essential, Sulphur, Rhustox arsenic, Natrum sulph, Mezerium, Petroleum and Echnesia are all dependable medicines.