Excessive flatulence is an embarrassing problem. Dr.K.MUKHERJEE says that modifying one's lifestyle and taking the right medication can cure it.

Flatulence is generally common in individuals with weak digestive systems. The reasons for its occurrence may vary from person to person.

In some, it occurs due to faulty eating habits and in others due to eating too much vegetables and fruits or exposure to cold weather.

Some symptoms that are times accompany flatulence are:

Difficulty in breathing.
Palpitation of the heart
Trembling of limbs
Swelling of the face

Proper diet and prolonged medication can cure the condition.

There are some precautions which ought to be observed by those suffering from frequent flatulence. Sufferers should avoid excessive exposure to damp weather or taking too much of warn fluid. They should also refrain from eating foods that produce gas in the stomach, such as lentils and some vegetables like cabbage, potatoes, peas.

People suffering from the condition should restrain themselves from doing the following:

Partaking in rich and indigestible food
Excessive use of wine
Drinking hot beverages like tea and coffee too often
Irregular meals
Fasting for two long between meals
Sedentary habits
Exhaustion from intense study
Keeping late hours

There are several good medicines which can be used, they are China, Nux vomica, Arsenicum, Carbo-vegatabilis and Pulsatilla.