Hoarse Throat

Acute laryngitis is caused by exposure to dust, pollutiion, talking too much or a throat infection


It is usually associated with nasal and pharyngeal catarrh and sometimes fever. Larngitis begins with a feeling of fullness in the throat, This is followed by hoarseness and throat pain. The throat feels raw and dry cough is a common symptom
A type of laryngitis called Laryngismus stridulus usually occurs in children.
In this type, the symptoms develop suddenly at night . As the mucous membrane of the larynx in children is loose in texture, it becomes much more swollen and sleep dyspnoea is a prominent symptom.
The child has a croupy cough and there is evidence of catarrh during the day but the distresing symptoms are worst at night. The laboured breathing causes discomfort to the child and makes him anxious and restless.


Avoid things that tend to cause laryngitis, In case you catch it do not talk much or do things that aggravate it. Taking a glass of hot milk helps to loosen the accumulated mucus in the throat


Aconite belladonna, spongia, Phosphorus, Hepersulphur and Causticum are good to use