Itch Guard
SCABIES is a form of itching dermatosis characterized by epidermal burrows caused by female sarcoptes scabiel.

Infection is caused by very close and continued contact. Thus, the disease is transmitted by using the clothes, blankets of infected persons or even by sexual contact.


Itching is the most important symptom of scabies which is intermittent and is worst at night.

Impetigo - Due to severe itching there may be secondary coccal infection leading to impetigo. Burrow - This is the charactristic lesion of scabies. This is located in the epidermis, irregular, zigzag in shape and grayish in colour though in some parts it is black due to accumulation of dirt. About 30 to 40 eggs and excreted faeces are present inside it. At the blind end of the burrow a vesicle is seen. These burrows are seen in the webs of the fingers and toes, ulnar border of the hand, folds of the axillae, lower part of the abdomen, umbellicus, penis, vulva, folds of the buttock, etc.
Sensitissation - Being sensitized by the parasite, erythematous patches around the burrows and even urticaria or eczema may develop.


Cleanliness is important. Sulphur, Heper sulphur rhustox, Echneccea and Calendula are all good homeopathetic medicines to use.