PSORIASIS is a chronic relapsing inflammatory skin disease characterised by circumscribed scaly patches with particular predilection to the scalp and extensor surfaces of the body.


The initial lesion consists of red spots which vary in size and may appear in any part of the body. These are covered with silvery scales which after scraping leave behnd a shiny, bleeding surface, Gradually, these lesions enlarge and larger patches are produced. These lesions are symmetrically distributed over the scalp, palms and soles , edtensor surface of knee and elbow and also over the back. Itching is usually absent but may be present when the lesions are in the body folds. This is called inverse psoriasis. The psoriatic lesions may develop at the site where it is scratched during its actie phase and this is called Koebner's Phenomenon, The nails of the patient may also become thickened, pittted and striated.
In middle-aged patients in addition to skin lesions, symptoms similar to rheumatoid arthritis may develop. It is called psoriatic arthropathy.


It is best to commence the internal treatment with Sulphur. Afterwards any one of the following remedies may be given--Ammonium Carb, Arsenic, Arsenicum Iodide, Calcarea Carb, Fluric Acid, Hydrocotyle, Mercurius, Mezerium and Petroleum.