It is a functional disorder of the sweat glands characterized by excessive sweating and offensive smell.


It may be either general or local. The former is usually associated with some constitutional disease. Local Bromidrosis (excessive sweating) is commonly located in the feet, axillae and genital areas. The hand and feet are frequently cold and present a bluish appearance due to inactive circulation. Sometimes it is also due to wearing socks and shoes for a long time. The odour varies, being at times almost imperceptible and in other cases so strong as to be truly disgusting.
Bromidrosis may also indicate the presence of diseases like rheumatism, scurvy, chronic peritonitis, syphilis and intermittent fever.


Cleanliness should be observed. Wash affected areas with plenty of soap.
Some good hoemeo medicines are Artemsia vulgaris, Belladona, Canthris conium, Dulcamara, Graphitis and Phosphorus.