Ulcerative Colitis
It is a disease characterized by inflammation and ulceration of the colon with bloody diarrhoea and occasional remission and exacerbations due to some unknown causes.


The disease is common in females and sometimes a family history is present.

In mild cases, there may be an occasional loose stool with blood and mucus. Sometimes constipation may be present.

In severe cases, the patient is very ill, temperature is high, toxaemia is present along with tachycardia and a dry-coated tongue. There may be frequent loose motion with blood, pus and mucus.

The patient becomes anaemic and exhausted. Gradually there is weight loss. Anorexia, abdominal pain and distension are also seen. Due to much diarrhoea, dehydration with electrolyte imbalance may develop. A history of intolerance to dairy products may be seen.

Remissions and exacerbations are commonly seen. Liver is palpable soft and tender and abdominal tenderness may be present.


Fistulain and rectal prolapse; haemorrhage; perforation, dilatation, carcinoma of colon; psoriasis; polyarthropathy; iritis; conjunctivitis; thrombophlebitis and nutrition deficiency.


The patient should take an easily digestible diet. Some good homoeo medicines are Colocynth, Sulphur, Meresol,. Mersccor, Kurchi, Nuxvom and Ferrum phos can be used.