A wart is a small growth that develops from the papillary layer of the skin.
Warts vary in size and colour and can develop on any part of the body.
Warts can be classified into various groups based on their appearance.

Warts may develop as small, circumscribed, split pea-sized elevations, broad at the base, of the same colour or a little darker than the surrounding skin. These type of warts are found mostly on the hands and legs of young people.

Flat, broad, slightly elevated finger nail-sized and brownish coloured growths generally develop on the back of elderly people. At times, they appear as slender, conical thread like growths about three millimeters long. These may occur either singly or in groups and are seen mostly on the neck, face and eyelids.

Digited broad warts resembled a crab in appearance are found mostly in the scalp region.

Venereal warts are pinkish or reddish vascular growths and occur mostly on the genitals. They also develop in-between the toes.

Warts grow very rapidly and attain considerable size. They are caused by the contact of irritating fluids and may either be dry or moist according to location.


The following are the generally indicated remedies for warts:
For soft, smooth warts on the neck, arms and hands, use Animcrud.
For warts on the back of the hands Bufo is good.
Small, soft warts can be eradicated with Calcarea Carb.
Nitricacid is usedfor the treatment of warts on the eyelids.Besides the above mentioned drugs, Lycopodium, Magnesia Carb, Sepia and Dalcamaca are other effective medicines.